THE BUYING PRINCIPLE #2 USP – Making the most of it!

Now you have identified what makes your product unique – do you make the most of it?

Do you shout it from the rooftops, stamp it on everything and promote it whenever you can?

Does your customer know why you are unique and ultimately why they buy from you over your competitors?

When you know and understand your uniqueness, getting it across to your customers, magazine editors and buyers is the next important component of effective marketing and brand building.

Consider your tagline, business cards or Facebook bio.

Do they communicate your Unique selling point effectively?  These are great tools for getting across who you are and how you are unique,  in a simple and compelling way.

Often the simplist approach can give you the clearest direction and the most effective connection with your customers.

For example a cupcake business that sells beautiful cupcakes but iced simply.  Compared to their competitors they may look “plain”.

Now consider their business with the tagline and added phrase:

In a world where frosting and decoration often outshine the cake – in these two sentences they have pitched themselves uniquely from the 100’s of cupcake businesses competing in a crowded market.  It has taken their product – generally pitched toward children and opened it up to a completely new target market.

Great tasting, petite cakes, for grown ups.

In letting your customers know why it is they buy from you,  it in turn makes them aware of what it is your competition are not doing for them.

And when meeting with a buyer it is important you can articulate why it is you are different and what target customer you can cover off for them – that they are not already doing with their current range.

 It makes you look professional, passionate and informed.


2 thoughts on “THE BUYING PRINCIPLE #2 USP – Making the most of it!

  1. This is such a fantastic post. I just find it difficult to identify my point of difference – we are told we are different from others but I cant seem to pin down why our customers feel that way. I mean we have a decent idea about some elements but that elusive “I don’t know – your stuff is just ‘different'” comment is difficult to get customers to elaborate upon. We have our own clue but I would really like to hear that customer perspective so we know we are on the right track. I think you are bang on – once you know that point of difference marketing etc comes naturally.

    Any tips on how to really pin point those key descriptors from your customer base perspective?


    • Thank you! Yes it can be a difficult one to extract and often can depend on the environment in which you ask them. ie are they rushing to purchase, do they feel comfortable giving opinions in front of others, are they a regular customer or a one time purchaser ect so give some thought to how to make them feel more at ease and the right time to ask. Being vague with the question too can mean the customer is more likely to be vague with their response. Just asking what is it you like ? may not be sufficient. You say you have some idea of what your point of difference may be. Jot these down simply (could be unique, fun, quirky, inexpensive ect) and then try to pin point what it is you want them to answer by asking leading questions or comments. ie “that is an unusual piece which is a one off- is that the sort of thing you look for in a necklace?”, or “these are fun and affordable – what were you looking to spend for something different?” . Try not to force them to agree with you (otherwise you are not getting feedback) – but rather encourage conversation. Family and friends can be a good source too as they generally know you and your business well – but remember they are not always your target market. Facebook of course is invaluable as an instant communication method and a reliable customer opinion. Post pics of your items and encourage likers to comment on them – “this is my favourite piece at the moment – I love it because………. what do you love about it?” “we are thinking of doing………..what do you think?”. “These were popular………thinking about doing more in pink?” Just some thoughts. You have given me a great post for my facebook page and will give this some more thought and post in a few days. Shiny Rabbit your products look great, quirky and “different”. You also might have to settle for that and then make sure everything else you do (marketing, ect) is a little left of centre. Hope this has been of some help. Lisa

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