Wishing for elephants.

I know a little girl who has a very active imagination.

In her first term of kindergarten, the teacher approached her mum with enthusiasm and asked innocently ” and when are you going to Bali?”.  “We aren’t” replied the puzzled and slightly embarrassed parent.  “Oh she mentions it every day and every Friday she always replies to the warm phrase –  “see you all next week” with “you won’t see me, I’ll be in Bali”.

This went on every week without any doubt or waiverig belief that she wasn’t actually going to Bali.  At home half her imaginary friends lived in Bali, the other half were moving to Bali and all her dolls holidayed there.  It was as simple as that.

Now this little girl had never been to Bali, nor had she seen pictures of it – but I am guessing the stories she had heard all ended with what wonderful times people had and what a magical place it was.

Her belief in going to Bali was so strong that half way through the year a fellow class mate – who was actually going on holidays there,  said to the class “Good-bye, I’m off to Bali”.  Without a batter of an eyelid the little girl replied – “great -I’ll see you there!”

This went on all year and although she was told several times, she never chose to believe her parents had little intention of going.

Before that year was out,  the little girl, with a smile big enough to make the whole world happy, was fastened into her seat alongside her Mum, dad and baby brother – on a flight bound for Bali.

She had the most amazing adventure.

Dare to dream, dream big and believe anything is possible.


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