Wishing for elephants.

I know a little girl who has a very active imagination.

In her first term of kindergarten, the teacher approached her mum with enthusiasm and asked innocently ” and when are you going to Bali?”.  “We aren’t” replied the puzzled and slightly embarrassed parent.  “Oh she mentions it every day and every Friday she always replies to the warm phrase –  “see you all next week” with “you won’t see me, I’ll be in Bali”.

This went on every week without any doubt or waiverig belief that she wasn’t actually going to Bali.  At home half her imaginary friends lived in Bali, the other half were moving to Bali and all her dolls holidayed there.  It was as simple as that.

Now this little girl had never been to Bali, nor had she seen pictures of it – but I am guessing the stories she had heard all ended with what wonderful times people had and what a magical place it was.

Her belief in going to Bali was so strong that half way through the year a fellow class mate – who was actually going on holidays there,  said to the class “Good-bye, I’m off to Bali”.  Without a batter of an eyelid the little girl replied – “great -I’ll see you there!”

This went on all year and although she was told several times, she never chose to believe her parents had little intention of going.

Before that year was out,  the little girl, with a smile big enough to make the whole world happy, was fastened into her seat alongside her Mum, dad and baby brother – on a flight bound for Bali.

She had the most amazing adventure.

Dare to dream, dream big and believe anything is possible.


winning, is it losing it’s sheen?

Ok…. it’s a cheap gimmick.  But on a serious note (not that a very public meltdown is not serious – or incredibly sad- it is!), it has prompted me to ask what is winning and is winning at any cost still an ideology people subscribe too?

Winning of course means different things to different people and can constantly change as life progresses.  What once was important may no longer be the case and learning to adapt and consider what is “winning” can be challenging to say the least.

For instance a mum starting a business from home,  because her previous employer was inflexible to her new situation or she no longer felt the career path engaging, winning might start out being

flexible hours,
spending time with your children,
spending quality time catching up with loved ones and friends
all while engaging a creative and rewarding passion and connecting with a like minded community.

So being an at home business mum, when do I decide to become a business women who happens to be a mum at home?

business plan, business plan, business plan!  Work out what is important to you and why you started on this adventure in the first place.  Then refer to it regularly to see how the changes in the business are affecting  your plan and goals for yourself and then make adjustments as you feel you need to.

Without you even being aware a business can morph and change so often it is hard to keep up.  But a business plan will keep you grounded and on track to ensure what you are wanting to achieve from it at a certain time in your life. It will keep in check your goals and aspirations and make sure you are making decisions that suit both you and your business.  A business can be both an exciting and stressful time so making sure you are always “winning” is paramount.

the importance of feeling valued.

I attended a fabulous workshop session over the weekend, and whilst the content informative, the host charming and the topic stimulating – I couldn’t help but notice at the end of it what it was that got me running home and chatting my family’s ear off excitedly for the next few hours!

Getting out and being amongst other like minded people………. Being part of a community.

Working from home, it has been that people contact and business-like stimulation I have be needing – no – craving for some time! Getting dressed up, hearing about other peoples businesses, listening to their views and sharing some of my own was totally invigorating and not only inspiring for the topic in question but also gave me so many other ideas and creative flow that I scribbled 6 pages of notes in 2 hours. Not to mention meeting other wonderfully creative and talented people.

We hear it so many times – but something as simple as a scheduled workshop can help you to sit back, take stock and re look at aspects of your business you didn’t have time to do before. 2 hours of pure brainstorming -no phone, no computer and no interruptions.

passion – are you still there?

Remember back to a day when money (or chores) were not the determining factor of what consumed your day? Remember the euphoric feeling of getting lost in a project – simply because you loved it! Losing hours of time, lying awake until the wee small hours and then bounding out of bed eager to start the day.  A passion can drive you, make worries disappear and give you all the confidence in the world.  So how do you discover what makes you happy.

1     If you are truly passionate about something – then it will more than likely find you.  Think back to childhood days and chances are that some of those things that drove you are present now in your life and you haven’t even realised it.

2   Look at what you are great at.  Being passionate, naturally you become good and are eager to learn more.

3   Start small.  Offer to make/create for close friends and family.  Showcase at a yearly or quarterly market.  Or even write a blog.  This will help you identify and clarify your thoughts and direction.  You will quickly know you love doing it – or if it is a passing phase.

4  Don’t think you have to find “that one thing”.  Being passionate about something isn’t limited to just one thing.  It could be many things related or unrelated that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

5  Don’t be limited by the conventional.  Just because you are great at sewing doesn’t mean you have to sew for a living, or create a label.  You could be inspired to teach sewing or create a blog that inspires people to sew – or comments on the great labels that are new to market, or gives away tips on selecting the right clothes for body type or advice on altering shop bought clothes for uniqueness and the perfect fit.  The possibilities are endless. ………And to that point – if you can’t sew doesn’t mean you can’t create and design clothes.

And me? – at age 9 I begged my dressmaker mum to teach me to sew. After learning the basics I would spend all day dreaming of lavish outfits to make my dolls (inspired by the glamorous Dallas and Dynasty – gen y think sex and the city) and then moved on to sewing (and fabric printing) for my own outfits. At 12 – to my family’s delight – I embarked on a quest to make the perfect cheesecake. Taking a year and filling an entire exercise book with baked, chilled and decadent cheesecake recipes. And recently I found an old marketing assignment from uni days that I kept for the lecturers comments ” ……… You have a nice writing style that you should seek to put to productive use, over and above writing assignments.” Funny how I would only find these words encouraging 2 decades later. – What else have I been missing?

Nothing can be lost from discovering and encouraging a passion.  If it is the real thing it can take you on a journey that excites, stimulates and nourishes the soul, making you good at it, love life and have a thirst to want to know more.  If it is just a passing phase it will also be time not lost.  It can lead to other wonderful experiences that you never knew possible, introducing you to incredible people and open up true feelings of worthiness and self esteem.  It can also be crossed off the list – done that!

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