Perspective is golden.

                                                                                                                               It has been a busy busy week so far and things are sure to get a little more stressful before the week is over.  So it is timely that my gorgeous Aunt would send me these pearls of wisdom from her enlightened treasure trove.

“I remember after I had become an adult crying on my Mothers shoulder.

I  am not too sure what I was crying about but obviously it was a heartbreaker.

My world was shattered by something someone had said or done to me.

My Mother, the ever so wise woman just listened to my wailings. ( I had an audience)  I wailed louder still as I was very hurt.

Out of the mouth of my steady Mother came “do not upset yourself Dena”  Well that sat me back on my haunches.  I blinked, tried to cry some more and then I thought about it.    Who was doing the upsetting here?

I pulled myself together, picked myself up (no participating audience!) and got on with life.

I heard myself repeat those very same words to my daughter recently ! The response she gave was very similar to mine all those years ago.

I thank my Mother for that incredible balm from her Medicine Chest of Wisdom.”                                                                                                                                                                                           Geraldene Takaro – Mother  wife  listener  healer  


A little change ….can go a long way.

The mere thought of change can sometimes immobilise us into doing nothing.

Not realising – it could be the key that unlocks a whole new world of possibilities beyond our wildest dreams.  I am the first to admit that change does not come naturally to me.  Give me a bucket of sand and I will gladly bury my head in it ( actually…… thinking about it I will happily go and fetch the bucket…..fill it with sand…..and then stick my head in it!)  The thing is,  I am aware of this debilitating condition – and yet I still struggle to overcome it.   It has got me thinking that if a little change can go a long way then where can the big changes take me?  To the moon and back?  I guess there are two possibilities – get on board or get left behind (stagnant) and here’s the kicker, by pure definition it moves on regardless of whether you jump board on or not.

However acknowledging it, I am slowly attempting to push the boundaries and step outside my comfort zone.

I hate to go on about social media, but for me it is the most relevant example that is such a massive industry and social evolution and relates to a broad range of businesses. (although there are so many other recent examples that I am sure I can and will be sharing.)

Of course I was reluctant – “I am gen x so it’s just not me”, “I am no good at it”, “why would people want to listen to what I have to say”, “I don’t get it”, “I don’t have time”, “my customers don’t use it” and on it goes.

So after the encouragement of the savvy business powerhouse that is Perth Upmarket (and with their expertise and guidance) cookie dough was launched on facebook and I was forced into a world that was unfamiliar yet surprisingly friendly and welcoming- not to mention incredibly valuable.  Then a workshop, a sisters spruking and many discussions later I knew I had to master twitter.  So this week my “allocated” time has been dedicated solely to researching, reading, studying and practicing the art of tweets………and I think I have it.  Albeit I still have my training wheels on – but I am riding and it doesn’t seem the least bit scary.

The point is change can be exhilerating.  Resisting change can make us dated, lose touch and eventually obsolete.  They say that this is the age of the small business and being able to adapt and respond quickly to our given target market (let alone the most invaluable tool of being able to ask what they actually want!) is what is giving us unprecedented power to take on the big guys.

So embracing my “inner metamorphosis” and inspired by the lyrics of Baz Luhrmann I have started with the small things.

I have given the market mill a mini makeover (hope you like)

will be changing my facebook profile pic for cookiedoughbisc everyweek

will be continuing to master twitter  themarketmill   cookiedoughbisc

and will attempt at least a week of doing “one thing everyday that scares me”