….it has been a while.

I owe you an apology…

…..it may have appeared that I have fallen off the Earth….or worse…….a sneaky holiday in the Bahamas,  but rest assured I am here and …..well ….have been busy.

To catch you up, here are some of what I have been up to while it appeared I was on a break.

A regular guest post-  Perth Upmarket

What?  …success requires more than just talent.

Cost effective tips on how change can keep your business youthful.

Embracing change?  No thanks I like things just the way they are.

The workshop – Business Basics for creative people with the lovely and talented creatives of Perth Upmarket

A soon to be regular monthly guest post – Epheriell Designs

The price of desire.

Very excitingly my first article for online magazine ‘Tickle the imagination’.  A stunning publication by a fellow Perthite:  next edition out early December.

Launch of Facebook site: The market mill

………and in the coming weeks the launch of a monthly newsletter:  Milling around.  Offering resources that I have found useful in the starting and developing of my business – Cookie Dough biscuits, marketing and branding tips, successful people that inspire and encourage me and “how to’s” to get the best out of your brand.

and finally the development of my new logo (by the very talented Karma Designs www.hellokarma.com)

Well after that, think I need to put my feet up!

See you next week.




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