winning, is it losing it’s sheen?

Ok…. it’s a cheap gimmick.  But on a serious note (not that a very public meltdown is not serious – or incredibly sad- it is!), it has prompted me to ask what is winning and is winning at any cost still an ideology people subscribe too?

Winning of course means different things to different people and can constantly change as life progresses.  What once was important may no longer be the case and learning to adapt and consider what is “winning” can be challenging to say the least.

For instance a mum starting a business from home,  because her previous employer was inflexible to her new situation or she no longer felt the career path engaging, winning might start out being

flexible hours,
spending time with your children,
spending quality time catching up with loved ones and friends
all while engaging a creative and rewarding passion and connecting with a like minded community.

So being an at home business mum, when do I decide to become a business women who happens to be a mum at home?

business plan, business plan, business plan!  Work out what is important to you and why you started on this adventure in the first place.  Then refer to it regularly to see how the changes in the business are affecting  your plan and goals for yourself and then make adjustments as you feel you need to.

Without you even being aware a business can morph and change so often it is hard to keep up.  But a business plan will keep you grounded and on track to ensure what you are wanting to achieve from it at a certain time in your life. It will keep in check your goals and aspirations and make sure you are making decisions that suit both you and your business.  A business can be both an exciting and stressful time so making sure you are always “winning” is paramount.


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