the 5 REAL p’s of marketing – and how they can make you standout in your field.

Ok ok ……so we all know the basic fundamentals of marketing right?  Product, price, promotion and place……. blah blah blah.  Sure they are still the foundation for defining and marketing your product or service, but in this ever changing and evolving world it is no longer enough to get by with just the basics.  In my experience -the need to stand out has given rise to a whole new crop of p’s.

1.  PRESENTATION – Marketing is seemingly more and more about the visual.  The summation of your product, your business and you at a GLANCE.  Visually what you present speaks volumes about you and your business.  Everything from your logo, image, catalogues, web, facebook to those supposedly unimportant presentations to industry such as banking institutions, buying professionals and leasing agents.

TIP – when presenting to industry professionals make sure you do your homework.  Think about what information you are sending through emails.  It needs to be enough so that they can gain a summary of what you do and whether they would be interested in talking to you further.  An email simply stating I have a brand of gorgeous accessories is not going to cut it! And if you are one of the lucky ones to get face to face time- make the most of it. Ask what information are they requiring, what is the best format to present it in and would they like to see samples?

2.  PHOTOGRAPHY – nothing is more of a quick summation than an image.   Online or in print it is imperative you get the best quality photos (and models) you can afford.

TIP – if you can’t afford much, attend a workshop or seek out a short course to learn the tricks the professionals use and practice everyday. You won’t regret it.

3.  POINT OF DIFFERENCE – know your point of difference and USE it.  By coming at it from another angle, it can give you a whole new spin. Buyers, magazines and publicity professionals love a new angle – and it helps you to stand out from the crowd.

4.  PITCH – you have a limited amount of time (sometimes seconds) to grab attention.  Spend time polishing your pitch.

TIP – hire the services of a professional to help you articulate in a succinct way.  If that is out of the budget, ask a close friend to jot down some words about you or your business.  It can sometimes be difficult to put a hard hitting, enthusiastic marketing spin on something you are so close to.

5.  PROFESSIONALISM – in tying all these elements together, it is your professionalism that may get you over the line in that wholesale account you really want, that bank finance your need or that shop position you desperately desire.  People need to see you are committed, capable and worth investing in.  They are quite often accountable to others and don’t want to look silly by taking a risk on someone that may not last the distance.

TIP – ALWAYS be courteous (even if you are devastated inside).  Be early and organised and if you are not successful leave on a pleasant note and ask what areas could you work on for next time.

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