social media – the new corner store?

Remember back to a time when you would head on down to your favourite local store not because you needed anything in particular – but because the shop assistant (“owner”) would not only recall your name but ask after your great Aunt recovering from surgery, engage in honest-to-goodness conversation and show genuine interest above and beyond the commercial need to sell you something. It was nice to know your hard earned dollars were going to someone else that was working hard,  had a name, a family and an a genuine interest in the community.

Those days however, are not lost, they have just morphed into a new entity.  Social media is the face and voice of the woman behind the store.

Recently, attending seminar “Social media for your business” run by the City of Perth, it was evident that you have to work harder than ever to keep attracting new customers and more importantly keep those customers interested and loyal.  Sprouting statistics from guest speaker Tenille Bentley from Socialite Media “60% of people in Perth are on Facebook –
and 50% of people aged under 30 of which 96% of them are on social media”. So having a facebook account….is only investing in one form of social media. From what I gathered you really need to be running several parallel.  Twitter, blogging, linkedin…… all very fascinating but after all this socializing, won’t I be too exhausted to work?  One thing is for sure though, not surfing the wave of social media means you may as well close the shop door and hang out a sign that says “I can’t be bothered”.

And to give you some hope that all the eyestrain is worth it,  I have been working hard on building my profile on Facebook for my cookies. After only 3 weeks I received an email from the mega successful (over a million viewers each month) inviting me to take part in their competition page and thus promoting my biscuits to potentially millions of viewers.  Now that is something I would never have dreamed of.

Tenille’s top tips on investing in Facebook.

1.                 80% of what you write should be about your followers.  20% about your business.

2.                 It’s about being social.   Keep it relaxed and fresh.

3.                 Tag other pages you like.

4.                 Integrate twitter and u-tube

5.                 Create a landing page that is interactive.

Other guest speakers for the seminar included

Mike Haydon – SEO Perth speaking on twitter

Lesley Dewar – stories my nana tells

Mark Garner – Make them click getting more from your website

Peter Taliangis speaking on network site linkedin

Mark Van Geyzel Internet marketing for you speaking on blogging and vlogging.


2 thoughts on “social media – the new corner store?

  1. Thanks for the feedback, glad you got a lot out of the event and enjoyed it. I could have spoken about it for days 🙂 But I hoped you got something from my very short 20min version.

    Great to see you there and keep in touch.

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