the importance of feeling valued.

I attended a fabulous workshop session over the weekend, and whilst the content informative, the host charming and the topic stimulating – I couldn’t help but notice at the end of it what it was that got me running home and chatting my family’s ear off excitedly for the next few hours!

Getting out and being amongst other like minded people………. Being part of a community.

Working from home, it has been that people contact and business-like stimulation I have be needing – no – craving for some time! Getting dressed up, hearing about other peoples businesses, listening to their views and sharing some of my own was totally invigorating and not only inspiring for the topic in question but also gave me so many other ideas and creative flow that I scribbled 6 pages of notes in 2 hours. Not to mention meeting other wonderfully creative and talented people.

We hear it so many times – but something as simple as a scheduled workshop can help you to sit back, take stock and re look at aspects of your business you didn’t have time to do before. 2 hours of pure brainstorming -no phone, no computer and no interruptions.


3 thoughts on “the importance of feeling valued.

  1. Wow! I know exactly the workshop you mean, ’cause I was right next to you! On your right hand side, but I couldn’t get in much of a word edgeways over the girl on your left… Nice to meet you! 🙂

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