passion – are you still there?

Remember back to a day when money (or chores) were not the determining factor of what consumed your day? Remember the euphoric feeling of getting lost in a project – simply because you loved it! Losing hours of time, lying awake until the wee small hours and then bounding out of bed eager to start the day.  A passion can drive you, make worries disappear and give you all the confidence in the world.  So how do you discover what makes you happy.

1     If you are truly passionate about something – then it will more than likely find you.  Think back to childhood days and chances are that some of those things that drove you are present now in your life and you haven’t even realised it.

2   Look at what you are great at.  Being passionate, naturally you become good and are eager to learn more.

3   Start small.  Offer to make/create for close friends and family.  Showcase at a yearly or quarterly market.  Or even write a blog.  This will help you identify and clarify your thoughts and direction.  You will quickly know you love doing it – or if it is a passing phase.

4  Don’t think you have to find “that one thing”.  Being passionate about something isn’t limited to just one thing.  It could be many things related or unrelated that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

5  Don’t be limited by the conventional.  Just because you are great at sewing doesn’t mean you have to sew for a living, or create a label.  You could be inspired to teach sewing or create a blog that inspires people to sew – or comments on the great labels that are new to market, or gives away tips on selecting the right clothes for body type or advice on altering shop bought clothes for uniqueness and the perfect fit.  The possibilities are endless. ………And to that point – if you can’t sew doesn’t mean you can’t create and design clothes.

And me? – at age 9 I begged my dressmaker mum to teach me to sew. After learning the basics I would spend all day dreaming of lavish outfits to make my dolls (inspired by the glamorous Dallas and Dynasty – gen y think sex and the city) and then moved on to sewing (and fabric printing) for my own outfits. At 12 – to my family’s delight – I embarked on a quest to make the perfect cheesecake. Taking a year and filling an entire exercise book with baked, chilled and decadent cheesecake recipes. And recently I found an old marketing assignment from uni days that I kept for the lecturers comments ” ……… You have a nice writing style that you should seek to put to productive use, over and above writing assignments.” Funny how I would only find these words encouraging 2 decades later. – What else have I been missing?

Nothing can be lost from discovering and encouraging a passion.  If it is the real thing it can take you on a journey that excites, stimulates and nourishes the soul, making you good at it, love life and have a thirst to want to know more.  If it is just a passing phase it will also be time not lost.  It can lead to other wonderful experiences that you never knew possible, introducing you to incredible people and open up true feelings of worthiness and self esteem.  It can also be crossed off the list – done that!

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