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I read an interesting online article the other day about what small business should budget for creating* an online presence. It was suggested a small business should allow between $3000 and $6000 for creating a website and interestingly it sparked a healthy debate. 72 comments in fact, some said not enough, others chirped $2000 was adequate (but met with snide “but at what quality”). Obviously I am no expert on the matter – but having just created my own website I experienced quite a different amount to the said budget – $0!. Using iweb (that came as part of the programs bought with my computer) I have been able to create a website with minimum fuss. I was able to gain a pretty good understanding of the site building program in an afternoon and having already mocked up how I would like my web to look using powerpoint, was easily able to copy and paste the content into iweb. I am neither a graphic artist nor web designer but know what I like so decided to give it a go before I embarked on the overwhelming task of searching for a web designer. Although it is not fancy it does give you the basics to ensure you are getting your business out there in cyberspace. Once you have mastered the program you can then sign up with other helpful (free) programs such as google analytics that will ensure you are making the most from your site. With plenty of other similar programs out there it is possible for new businesses starting out to at least have something on the web for customers to locate and learn more about them at a fraction of the price. Try them out and have a play…… I had heaps of fun!

*note hosting of the website is not included in the above cost. After reviewing the packages I have gone with mobile me for $99 a year and redirected my current domain to this site.



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